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Entering / Leaving Wishaw Sports Centre during Covid

Notice to ALL parents of All Squads

Can you reinforce the rules to the swimmers with regards to wearing facemasks from point of entry to the building until being called to the pool by the coaches. Likewise after the session, masks should be replaced after drying face off before getting ready and remain on until out of the building.
To ensure a pair of blue plastic overshoe covers are worn over outdoor shoes unless they change into flip flops /sliders before leaving the changing village to walk onto poolside. If they are entering the building in flip flops or sliders, these are still regarded as outdoor wear and blue overshoe covers must still be worn.
Discard the covers in bins provided prior to leaving the building at end of session. Some swimmers are littering the grounds of the sport centre.
Mobile phones must remain in bags from point of entry to building to point of leaving the building.

CoVid officers and coaches have (parent/ guardian) contact numbers in the event of an emergency so swimmers have no need to have mobiles out.

Lead Covid Officer
Motherwell & Wishaw ASC