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Covid Awareness

Message to all Parents and guardians of swimmers.

As the country is further opening up can we be reminded that it is important to keep everyone safe, family, friends,swimmers and coaches.
A number of schools in the area have seen a spike in positive Covid tests results amongst its pupils. Can we be very cautious of this and if your child (M&W swimmer)has had a Covid PCR test, please do not bring them to the club. Wait until result of PCR test has been confirmed positive or negative.
If they test negative I ask that you still wait 48 hrs before bringing swimmer back to training incase symptoms manifest.
If they test positive please follow guidelines as directed by NHS before bringing swimmer back to training.
As CPWO and Covid Officer if you could DM myself, I can inform coaches. It also helps keep our records up to date.

I appreciate that the Government / local council / and Scottish swimming guidelines are not the most easy to make sense if. But our aim is to keep everyone safe and prevent a lockdown of the club.

Thanks in advance