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Club Profile

Motherwell & Wishaw A.S.C. was borne from the amalgamation of Motherwell Amateur Swimming Club (founded in 1944) and Wishaw Amateur Swimming Club in 1990. Today Motherwell & Wishaw A.S.C. have over 150 members ranging in age from 5 years 75+.

Throughout the Club's long existence members, styles, swimming strokes and committees may have come and gone, but the ethos remains the same: To create an environment where we can develop their swimming skills in a safe, happy and structured way with commitment and consideration for others, but most of all to enjoy their swimming.

The experience of being part of the Club has had such a positive impact on some swimmers that they stay on and train to become Teachers/Coaches, Lifeguards and SASA swimming officials.

The Club is self supporting and is run by volunteers, without them we could not exist. Their endless commitment which sometimes get very little acknowledgement is very much appreciated. 


Coaching Staff

* Former Swimmer with M&W A.S.C.   **Masters Swimmer with M&W A.S.C.   # Life Guard

Head Coach Andrea Ellis  
Assistant Head Coach Janice Millar *
Land Training Coach

Sports Centre

Youth Squad Garry Brown *
Development Squad  Mary Weir  
Development Group 4  Mary Weir  
Development Group 3  Mary Weir  
Development Group 2  Mary Weir  
Development Group 1  Mary Weir  


Motherwell & Wishaw A.S.C. Office Bearers

President June Wilson  
Vice President Janice Millar  
Secretary Christine Gray  
Treasurer Tracy Stevenson This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Membership Garry Brown  
Wellbeing & Child Protection Officer (F) Vacant This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Wellbeing & Child Protection Officer (M) Gary Fotheringham This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Gala Entry Secretary Brian Donnachie /Paul Doyle  
Minute Secretary Vacant  
Social Convenor June Wilson  
Committee of Management Brian Donnachie  
Committee of Management Mary Weir  
Committee of Management Vacant  
Committee of Management Liz McTaggart  
Committee of Management Vacant  
SASA Delegates Brian Donnachie  
West District Delegates Brian Donnachie  
North Lanarkshire
Sports Council Delegate
June Wilson
Liz Taggart


Motherwell & Wishaw A.S.C. Committee Commitment

Motherwell & Wishaw A.S.C. have an extremely well structured and dedicated Committee, which hosts an Executive Committee, Fundraising Committee and Swim Committee bringing together a vast spectrum of knowledge and skills for the benefit of all who are part of our Club, Coaching Staff, Swimmers and their families (extended).

As a Not for Profit Organisation the Club is managed by a committee of volunteers all with specific roles and skills working for the benefit of the Club and all its swimmers.

Thanks to commitment, planning and organisation as a Committee we work to ensure the smooth running of the Swimming Club for all through:

  • Equal and fair opportunities for all.
  • Ensure a safe and healthy environment for all.
  • Ensure our swimmers have access to quality swimming programmes, regardless of age or ability.
  • To promote the art of swimming and the promotion of swimming as a competitive sport.
  • Investment in continuous development training programmes for Coaching Staff.
  • Investment in training and development programmes/workshops available to wider group of our members e.g. Technical Official Courses such as Time Keeping, Child Protection Workshops.
  • Equipment purchase to enhance training programme.
  • Fundraising/Social Events to foster team spirit of swimmers and build upon opportunity to socialise with our much appreciated Parents/Carers and their extended families.
  • Continuous learning and update on all legislation to ensure our Club complies with all requirements.


Parents/Guardians Commitment to Motherwell & Wishaw A.S.C.
Parents/Guardians Responsibilities

Arrival for Training

Always check when you drop your child off that the pool is available and open for training. Emergency and facility failure can occur at short notice. The Coaches are not responsible for the swimmers prior to or after training sessions. If you think you will be late for picking up your child after a training session please phone the Sports Centre and ask that a message is passed on to the coaching staff.

During Training or Gala/Competition

Please inform Coach of any information regarding your child i.e. Injuries/Medical changes prior to their training session.

Do NOT distract the coach during a training session.

Do NOT coach your child from the spectator's gallery.

Sessions are planned for different aspects of training, with any interruptions to the session undermining the authority of the Coach.  If you wish to speak to the Coach please do so at the end of the session.